Apple Cider Vinegar for health and beauty

to those who use Apple Cider Vinegar as a beauty or health tool.. what’s your opinion?

Stumbled upon rave reviews of ACV on and found out it cheap and full of great benefits.  ACV can be a great toner, great hair rinse and a tbs a day keeps the “tummy pipes” moving. I made a concoction of 1/3 ACV + 2/3 strontly steeped green tea + a few aspirin to use as a toner.  so far, my skin is smooth and soft but I smell like fish n’ chips real bad.

Some facebook friends chimed in:

Nicole: I use it for a get well quick solution…in my tea with raw honey and lemon…

Laura: i tbsp when feeling a sore throat coming on or dehydrated. i like

Noelle: Thumbs up. I drank during pregnancy for heartburn.The only thing that helped!

Erin: So weird that you posted this…i just bought some to add to my Emergen-C in the morning. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Michelle: in the bath for PH balancing and an occasional hair purifying wash. strips the gunk off your hair. good for lady parts too 🙂 [ed note: by lady parts she must mean brains!]


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