10% off SeamlessWeb.com twice today

When ever I order delivery I always use via SeamlessWeb.com

  • I never have to talk to anyone (so no ordering miscommunications)
  • I can pay with credit card/debit (and my numbers are saved in my account)
  • I can calculate tip while paying online (instead of fumbling around with hasty math while the delivery guy waits)

Take 10% Off TWO Meals TODAY ONLY!

October is here and to help you get back into the SeamlessWeb swing, we’re offering you 10% off TWO ORDERS, today only, with the code FALLFOOD.*

That means 10% off LUNCH AND DINNER TODAY! 10% off sushi and a sandwich, or tacos and noodles, or pizza and a salad…hungry yet?!

Promotion Code: FALLFOOD
Expires: Midnight tonight (10/1/2009)

You can use SeamlessWeb in these cities:

  • NYC (including Stamford & Greenwich CT, Rye Brook & Purchase NY)
  • LA
  • San Francisco
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Washington DC
  • Philadelphia
  • Jersey City
  • Boston
  • and London!

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