Bumbling around Bergdorf’s, Schmoozing with Stuart Weitzman

Took a sightseeing trip to Bergdorf Goodman yesterday.  Bergdorf’s is part of the Neiman Marcus group and is also part of the big B department stores in the city: Bergdorf’s, Barneys, Bloomies & Bendel’s.  There must have been something magical in the air because I didn’t spend a cent but was treated like a queen!  I had a kind salesman escorting me back and forth across the main floor to show off some new Balenciaga handbags, then I went upstairs to the Chanel boutique where I hung out with the fun salesgirls and played with all the handbags. They even took a picture of me with my new wishlist item (I have a feeling photography isn’t usually allowed!):


Large classic flap bag in Royal Blue caviar leather with gold hardware, $2425

Then I wandered upstairs to 5F and came across a little cocktail party in the shoe department.  I’ll have a tom collins and some finger sandwiches, yes please.  The event was for Stuart Weitzman shoes and Stuart himself was there!  He introduced himself to me and we talked shop for a while white flashbulbs were going off.  He designs on trend shoes for all ages with often reasonable heels and reasonable prices.  He told me that when designing, the older the woman is the shorter the heel gets and I told him I gladly wear shorter heels – I may be the only girl who wears 2.5″ Louboutins!  He leaned in and said, “You know.. confident women wear shorter heels because wearing high heels alter your body…” or something to that nature.  I asked him what did it mean then, if I’m currently wearing flat boots.. but with custom hidden 2″ heel risers inside?  Does that mean I’m secretly unconfident?…

Then some ladies made me sign a consent form for having my photo taken…

"blah blah blah shoe blah..."


Stuart Weitzman, wise old shoe grandpa

I also popped into Saks for a bit which wasn’t nearly as magical (it never is. I have a love/hate/hate relationship with Saks) but a man did come by with a tray of FREE full-sized Laura Mercier lipsticks in “Mistress”! Don’t mind if I do…

So yes, that’s how I shop. I shop a lot, but rarely buy anything! I call it “retail trending”.

For Lady C: Did you know Mr. Weitzman was a serious Ping-Pong-er who even competed in the Jewish Olympics in Israel?

4 responses

  1. lol only you could get the ping pong information! gorgeous bag!

  2. this is great. your quite the fashion storyteller who magically walks into all the right places!!!

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