Cute Facts from the Painfully Fashionable – Paris Fashion Week

can't get over how gorgeous this photo is.

From “All the real girls”

The Sartorialist’s girlfriend, Garance Doré, wrote the cutest blog today (oh, but then she always writes the cutest blogs which start out in french, then get translated into sparkly english for us.)

Clear in the middle of Paris fashion week, she has compiled a list of behind-the-scenes facts of the painfully fashionable people roaming the shows:

  • They shop at H&M, Zara and Topshop. The little Zara jackets with the padded shoulders are on everyone’s back and the Christopher Kane collection for Topshop got real hot: really, everything that I’ve seen of it is just so good that I can’t believe I didn’t have a second in London to go try it all on.
  • They kill themselves in the morning figuring out what to wear. And getting their photo taken in front of the runway shows totally stresses them out. Haha.
  • They don’t have plastic feet. Even, sometimes, their feet hurt. Yeah. A friend in a pair of studded Louboutin Pigalle (the highest, most pointy, most surreal, and most beautiful of all stilettos) told me that she only wears them on days when she knows she’ll be at a max of 2 shows. And don’t forget, that’s with special soles and a bunch of band-aids. Her 2.55 was filled with them! Ouuuch!

  • They buy one or two super trendy accessories and never hesitate to wear them in a whole bunch of ways. Main choices this season: thigh-high boots, a bucket bag, or anything with studs.
  • They know how to be timeless. And we’re hitting an overdose on the [Chanel] 2.55 [bag]. Unless it’s a special one: if it’s vintage, or tagged by a friend. Or if it’s green, blue, or red.
  • When their luggage gets lost, they too, cry.

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