Rebecca Minkoff sale was more crash than ‘Flash’

But she promises to make it up to us! and this I truly believe.

What was supposed to be a big 12 hour online flash sale today, starting at 9am EST, turned out to be more like a crash sale. The company’s 3rd party server crashed due to the site overload and bazillions (approximation) of fanatical fans waited patiently (and not so patiently as some of the forum comments have shown) for the delayed sale to start any minute – and it never did.

Rebecca Minkoff has always been true to her fans whether on Facebook, Twitter, her Minkette fan site or on the Purseblog forums and this apology letter sent out at 6pm EST is no different.

See heartfelt letter after the jump….

Dear Minkettes

Thank you for your overwhelming interest in the flash sale today.

I truly apologize the site went down. It is very embarrassing and humbling to me. We experienced a huge record volume of
traffic and overloaded our 3rd party server. I had hoped that the tech team would have things ready for today and clearly we underestimated what the load would be. I am doing a full overhaul now and diving into this as this is fully unacceptable to me that this happened today. As a result and until I have more confidence, the Flash Sale has been cancelled. We’ll be back with new and improved capability for high loads for our annual Black Friday Sale! If I feel confident prior to then, we will try another one of these.

We had hoped to resurrect it and that is why I have not written sooner, but at this point my comfort is not there, and I don’t want to keep you hanging.

Once again, I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience the crash may have caused you. I know many of you made your plans for today around this and for this I am truly sorry. I will more than make it up to you. I promise that.


Rebecca Minkoff


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