Carnegie Hall in pink… “ARE YOU DOING IT?”®

Carnegie Hall in pink

That earlier post I did about the pink Gehry IAC building reminded me of a wonderful night of bluegrass at Carnegie Hall with awesome Austin.  Kinda goes with the Breast Cancer Awareness month, huh?

Speaking of, tomorrow is National Feel Your Boobies Week… “ARE YOU DOING IT?”®

Directions for the less-than-breast-obsessed after the jump….


to feel your boobies.

  • use pads of fingers

  • press firmly

  • examine collarbone and underarm area

did you know?

research shows that “feeling your boobies” is just as effective at identifying changes or lumps as doing a formal self-breast exam.


to look for.

  • lumps or thickening

  • puckering or inflammation

  • nipple discharge


to feel your boobies.

  • in the shower

  • while getting dressed

  • whenever you want


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