Former sexy Baywatch Babe much sexier now that she can laugh at herself.

from baywatch from

We love Funny or Die videos and this one is a fave. Remember Nicole Eggert? (If you are humming the “Charles In Charge” theme you’ve gone too far back in your memory bank.)  She makes fun of herself in this video where she’s running in a swimsuit, with some obvious weight gain since her Baywatch days (but she still looks good, no? ok, maybe not the lip injections…).  Even as a nobody, there’s no way I’d let myself be filmed in all my muffin top glory!

from nicole eggert baywatch

(damn, I really need to learn how to embed videos properly)

(sorry if I got the “Charles in Charge” theme song in your head.  if not, go here.)

(I have a lot of buns on my homepage right now.)


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