Shh Don’t Tell Steve

I don’t do twitter or follow anybody’s twitter but I may be warming up to the idea because of this guy:

This guy secretly tweets about what his roommate Steve is doing at all times.  They are in college and Steve is hooking up with  “Burrito girl” and taking “Sophomore guy” under his wing. I just like the concept…

“Steve was on campus today and noticed that girls are wearing more clothes cus it’s fall. He is not at all happy about this development.”

“Aggro Tony brought bagels over for football. Steve loves bagels. Says they’re his favorite ethnic food.”

“Shelly wanted Steve to go to the art museum with us. Steve said “Nope. Art is pretentious” Said this eating Eggos on the couch in his boxers”

“Steve asked if I would have any trouble “putting him down” if he became a Zombie. I told him it wouldn’t be a problem.”


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