Perfect Brown OTK/Fold/Slouch Boots $149

OTK boots Victoria's Secret

I’m very excited about these boots!  Hello Crystal informed me of her shoe secret today: her fabulous new boots are from Victoria’s Secret AND they were only $149.  She is the only person I know who buys non-intimates clothing from there regularly, and (despite that) she always has great style.  She may be on to something here!

Everyone is selling OTK (over the knee) boots right now but the price points are pretty high (maybe because it’s based on amount of leather used?)  Not only do you get OTK boots with these, but also a fold-over look and slouchy look. I love high value & versatile pieces.  That’s $50 per boot style!


Great toe, great dark cognac color, heels a little high for me, but it’s worth it for the overall look.

Discount codes for Victoria’s Secret after the jump….

$15 off $100

$30 off $150

$75 off $250

$150 off $500

Code: FA918649

Valid thru 10/30/09


2 responses

  1. i cant help it, they send 2 catalogues a day im bound to take a look inside and find something! but even this bargain i cant believe! 🙂 happy shopping!!

  2. Lawd those are gorge! (translation: Wow, Doanie, those boots of yours are gorgeous and stylish and classy and great, have nice day) xoxo

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