Shopping for Zebra Rugs

real zebra rug

My friend, Dr. L, has been redecorating her home recently and one of the new additions was a real zebra rug.  Looks great in effect – but with the real head with the eye holes and ears and the floppy tail.. it’s just too real (I feel cruel walking on ‘him’!)  We were in need of an alternative..

ABC carpet had a wall of animal skin-printed on cowhides.  The prices are about half of a real zebra print ($2000 vs. $1000), are incredibly easy to clean (just shampoo, like with your own hair!), and there was no eye-less head looking up at you.

real zebra rug abc carpetzebra rug cowhide ABC Carpet 1

More inexpensive options after the jump….

My personal favorite zebra accent is a grey and white zebra print like this one from Macy’s ($700) or RugExchange ($749)

from grey zebra rug from grey zebra rug

And here is a great cheap-o synthetic zebra rug from Overstock ($77)

zebra rug overstock


3 responses

  1. That looks like my sister’s rug.

    I like the real zebra better.

    How do you make a zebra float?

    2 scoops of ice cream, a zebra and whipped cream.

  2. Haha, I like silly jokes.

    That IS your sister’s creepy rug – I’m sure you can have it if you want it!

  3. I love zebra rugs. They are truly amazing pieces of art within a living room or on a wall. Simply love them and any other animal rugs.

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