So Much Sports Leads Me to David Carr

I have been tricked several times over the past few weeks into watching sports (mostly with promises of food and drink). I only found out there were 2 NY football teams today (“what city do the Jets play for?”)  BUT, there has been 2 highlights in all of this:

1. the hotdogs at Yankee stadium.

2. David Carr, #8 on the NY Giants.  I was told he was an understudy for the main quarterback which means he has the prestigious title, but with a lot more free time and fewer brain injuries (he can probably play a good game of Sudoku still.) What great bone structure!

carr2 david carr dave giants

David Carr’s high school superlative yearbook photo after the jump….


And Darcy Madea later found fame with her new stage name, “Margaret Cho”!

Only kidding.  But did any of your highschool superlatives come true like David’s?


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