Mentally Ill Woman Wins Lottery, Offers Everyone a Shopping Spree

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In Columbus, Ohio, a woman drove up to Burlington Coat Factory in a stretch Hummer limo and promised all the customers inside she has won $500k in the lottery and didn’t want it – so she was bestowing upon each customer a $500 shopping spree!  Her funds had been cut after she charged $5,000 on her debit card so she told everyone she was going to head to the bank to free up some more money.

In the meantime, everyone was told to tell their friends and family to come on down to the store.  She never came back and the nearly 1,000 customers got angry and trashed the store.  Turns out, she never did win the lottery and she suffers from a mental illness which causes her to act out extravagantly.  She just wanted to help people (and even wrote another woman a check because she claimed to need help with her rent, not a clothes shopping spree.)

Interesting story… simply put she was just enjoying shopping, being generous, and trying to make people’s dreams come true… all good things!  But, of course, too much of a good thing…

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