Homemade Candy Corn Recipe

from about.com candy corn

Wouldn’t you win Mother-of-the-Year if you made your own Candy Corn from scratch?

Here’s the recipe.


4 responses

  1. i only eat the bottoms of candy corn and throw out the tippy tops. the tops are harder, not as chewy. its usually white on top but in this recipe they put the white on the bottom. id be really confused eating these!

  2. I know! Just cut them into squares. Then there’s not dried out tippy tops.

  3. i dont know i think its bc the white is pure sugar and the colored parts have corn syrup which make it chewy. so put corn syrup in all of it!

  4. hey I cant get it to not be greasy and the dry milk is clumpy, or when I first did it it was rock hard after I put the powder sugar in any tips ?

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