Agent Provocateur Sharon Sweater – Those ain’t Butterflies.

from agent provocateur sharon sweater image

The Agent Provocateur site is usually filled with expensive, delicate and assertive lingerie erring on the fantasy side but I kept coming across this, rather staid, knit cardigan.  Who would buy an AP cardigan with butterflies all over it?… not quite, Doanie. Not quite.

Yours for $500; create an unequivocal twin-set with the matching short-sleeve sweater for $290.


10 responses

  1. Oh WOW. I’d thought those were guitars! Silly rabbit!

    1. As usual Ian, you continue to have your finger on the pulse of the most corrupt and dishonest BC and Federal Governments in my lifetime. Untlftunareoy, I don’t expect any changes in the near future. Nothing will happen until our dumbed-down populace realize what they have lost. By then, it will be too late, barring a long and violent revolution.

  2. Love it! About to blog about it, will link back to you.

  3. Neri por algo se llama guia para principiantes. No pretendas que te lo dejen todo masticado.Ya no es solo por adwords sino para que el más listo se posicione y los cómodos se queden con la guía para praitipninces.Si piensas distinto que yo, quizas podrias compartir una guia que no sea ninguna falta de respeto para los webmasters y aporte las claves exactas del SEO.Un saludo.

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