Bus Driver Clipping Nails & Proper Metrocard Charges

just boarded the bus with 4 metrocards- each with balances between $0.25 to $1. driver just took them all and threw them away and let me on because he said i had an honest face. now he is clipping his fingernails at traffic lights.

Of course, I missed an opportunity to take a clear photo of him as he was clipping his nails because he was also fixated on trying to say “Hello” to me in every asian language he could muster.  Since no one knows how to speak or assumes I am Vietnamese I kept replying “no, try again… nooo, try again…”

Btw, I hate that the subway fare is an odd $2.25 which leaves all kinds of useless balances on my MetroCards. So I did a little middle school algebra to figure out what to charge when buying per-use MetroCards…

Since there is a 15% bonus when you spend over $8:

5 rides = charge $9.78

10 rides = charge $19.56

20 rides = charge $39.13

UPDATE: NEVERmind. The vending machines wouldn’t let me enter $9.78 or $19.56 but I’m not sure why. There’s nothing on the MTA website that says why. If possible, I now hate this MetroCard conundrum even more.


3 responses

  1. Chicken Underwear | Reply

    I could make a living from the discarded MetroCards all around the City. If only I were allowed to sell them


  2. Metrocard retailers sell the $19.56 card prepackaged.

    Metrocard machines can only handle increments of 5 cents. Pretty good calculator here to help you out.

  3. Must. Memorize. These. Numbers…. 🙂

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