Prescriptives is Closing so I’m Stocking Up on Concealer

Prescriptives concealor holy grail

So, did you hear: Prescriptives is totally shut down come January 31, 2010.  The day after that, all the stores will ship the leftover stock to be sold on but the truth is… there won’t be much left.  I went to the crazy-crowded 34th St. Macy’s today to buy a couple of my holy grail concealers: Prescriptives Flawless Skin Total Protection Concealer SPF 25, $22. This concealer is the BEST (and I’ve tried them all):

Brightens the eye area, instantly conceals dark circles, lines, wrinkles, pores, reduces puffiness and redness with a smooth, seamless finish all day. Medium to full coverage, non-acnegenic, Opthalmologist/Dermatologist tested, waterproof, and fragrance free.

The counter lady helping me said a woman came in and bought 27 concealers in her color!  And then took down the addresses of all the regional Macy’s so she could hoard more.  That’s love (or a severe allergy to all other concealers, as I was informed.)

I guess I also did that, but to a much smaller scale. They had sold out of my color, got 6 shipped in today, sold 3 to a woman this morning… and then I got the last remaining 3 🙂  I have recommended this concealer to countless friends so if you are near Macy’s or Bloomindales, please just get 1 before you can never ever, ever again.


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  1. I also love this concealer & recommended it to all my friends. I’m heartbroken it’s going to be gone. I’m also planning to stock up on it, I’m just worried it will expire. You say you’ve tried a lot of concealers, have you ever tried Benefit’s Boing or Mac’s studio fix concealer? I’m desperately trying to find a replacement for prescriptives, and I’m wondering if those are any good or just don’t come close to prescriptives?

    1. The ladies at the Prescriptives counter said a comparable concealer could be found at… either Estee Lauder or Lancome (I’m sorry, I forget!) but, of course, the color range won’t be as accomodating as Prescriptive’s.

  2. Actually, it is Estee Lauder since that is the sister line that the new heirs of men now in charge have decided can fit all of us Prescriptive users into like a one size fits all hat. My Prescriptives lady explained to me just how short-sided their logic has been in making this decision since she has been in this company going on double digit years. She was given the option of counters to transfer to and chose – begrudgingly- Lauder. If you store the makeup in a cool, dark place, unopened it should keep for at least two years, perhaps longer. I have been trying to stock up on foundations since this is the only brand that I have ever used that doesn’t make me feel like it makes my face orange looking on my fair skin – a B/R tone. I have heard from employees at the counters that the folks who made this decision are discussing bringing certain items back, but they will sell them at the other brand’s counters if they do – probably Lauder. Best not to hope your favorite make-up product is one of those while you can snag it now.

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