Sequin Bags from Rachel(s) for the Fashionably Fidgety

Rachel Roy Macy's Line Sequin

I drew a D on that purse, tee hee.

Ok I’ll admit this: during fashion week last September I actually DVR’d Rachel Zoe‘s show on QVC because I was curious to what she was selling and at what price points. The only thing that stood out to me was a evening bag covered in sequins for $120.  The sequins were so tightly knit that you could run your fingers through them and ‘draw’ shapes and patterns on the bag.  Hmm, how novel.  Then in Macy’s I spied another diffusion line by another Rachel with a 3-letter last name– Rachel Roy— and she ALSO had a doodling sequin bag for sale for $79.

roy bag zoebag

I’m kinda digging the slouchiness and cross-body strap of the Roy bag (oh, and the price is much better.)

PS. Did you see Rachel Roy on ‘The City’ last week?  She’s so prettty…Did you see Rachel Zoe on her reality show last week? She’s so… well connecteddd….


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