Ew, Dead Bird Jewelry…& More Dead Birds

from Miju on Etsy - dead bird necklace jewelry

Ew – just saw this Miju necklace on Trendelacreme and it reminded me of some very disturbing photos I saw earlier this week.  This photographer, Chris Jordan, went to the Midway Islands near Hawaii to take photos of decomposing Albatross birds to highlight all the plastic garbage still inside the carcasses.  Btw, these birds are near an underwater floating vortex of our garbage that’s double the size of Texas(!) called the Pacific Trash Gyre.  It really makes you think not just about using plastic or recycling but rather the excess waste we produce on a daily basis.

My friend Cool Chris just got back from Stockholm, Sweden and he said the public trash cans are tiny… and empty!  They recycle everything, compost everything else, don’t use disposable paper towels, etc… what’s leftover for the ‘trash’ bin is very little.  I ain’t no hippie, but just think about that for a moment.

from chrisjordan.com bird plastic dead

from chrisjordan.com dead bird plastic

More photos & how you can help after the jump….

from chrisjordan.com dead bird plastic

from chrisjordan.com dead bird plastic

So, what can you do to help?

  • eliminate the use of plastic disposables like water bottles and shopping bags
  • buy products made from recycled plastic with little or no packaging
  • ensure non-recyclable plastic is disposed of in secure containers
  • and recycle all plastic than can be recycled!

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