Kobe Beef in your Market’s Deli Case

Are we over the hoopla of non-Japansese Kobe beef now that you can buy it next to your bologna?

Homegrown Kobe Hits City Delis

While the Japanese continue to worship American pop culture, we’ve quietly been coveting their sliced meat. And thanks to some great advances in the world of deli-meat technology, you can now find American-raised Kobe-style beef, sliced for sandwiches, at your local market. We’re coming for your robots next.
Available at Zabar’s, Gourmet Garage, Westside Market, Agata & Valentina, and others

If you’re afraid someone’s gonna steal your KBLT sandwich out of the office fridge, invest in some mold-printed sandwich bags, $10.


One response

  1. Well actually alot of the kobe beef that comes out of kobe japan is raised in CA and Australia. You can check my blog for more informtion about kobe beef. blog.kobe-beef-store.com

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