Rat Stuck in NYC Sidewalk – Curb Your Pity!


OK, we NYers usually think all rats/mice/pigeons/(and squirrels, unless you’re a tourist) are disgusting, vile pests we must eradicate (eRATicate?).

From gothamist: Reader Wayne sent us this photograph and explains, “I was walking along and texting. Not really paying that much attention. Then something caught my eye. I thought I was about to step in dog shit, but quickly realized it was a rat stuck in the sidewalk. A big rat. It had tried to squeeze through a crack in the sidewalk and failed.”

And if you are one of those funny people who is actually feeling warm gushy feelings for this guy, maybe this photoshopping will help assuage you:


I attempt my own photoshopping after the jump….

rat catching up on dvr before bedtime rat got her nails did actually, this would incite more pity, not less.


3 responses

  1. This is too funny…luv it

  2. I think that it is sad… all things have a right to live. someone should have helped the poor thing… 😦

  3. […] chopped by doanie cardsplayingrat awesome […]

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