6 Simple Happiness Tips

I googled "happiness" and found this figurine that I actually own haha.

My favorite geek, Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, professor of Positive Psychology at Harvard, wrote a list of 6 tips to happiness.

I summarized them for you here:

1.  Accept, don’t reject, your natural human emotions like fear, sadness, or anxiety and it’ll be much easier to overcome them.

2. As often as possible, in work and play, do activities that are both enjoyable and provide personal meaning .  You like it and you care about it.

3.  Happiness is a state of mind. Glass is half full or empty? Failure is catastrophic or learning opportunity?

4.  Simplify your life because quantity of busyness really reduces quality of life.

5.  Eat well, sleep well and exercise to keep your mental health top notch.

6.  Be grateful for everything, big and small.  Like, be grateful I summarized all these tips into tidbits for you.


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