Ivanka Trump Marries Jared Kushner

POWER PAIR: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are the picture of bliss as they dance and pose at their wedding, where all eyes were on the bride.

I always liked Ivanka because she is smart, actually works, not mangled in the face by inbreeding, and was the most humble character on Jamie Johnson‘s “Born Rich” documentary about really wealthy kids who say things like, “F^*# you, I’m from New York and my family can buy your family!”

PS. OBViously not calling Ivanka a dog, but I’m reminded of this funny dog bride costume.

dog bride


One response

  1. Bwah ha ha ha, you crack me up. It’s so refreshing after a slog day of psych exams. I might just name my future dog Ivanka, true story. Ivanka is a good name for a pure bred Wienhiemer.

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