Have you Called Your Auntie Ann Taylor Lately?

Pieces Doanie likes at Ann Taylor

The starred pieces were designed by my pal Betsy - love them!

I have been keeping an eye on Ann Taylor for the past couple months because something has been a-stirring in their unobtrusively quiet stores – design and styles were being turned up a preppy notch to the point where I actually bought something (my first AT purchase in 9 years)!  The shopping experience was wonderful, too: happy & helpful salespeople, no crowds, no lines, lots on sale.

To be honest, I think I’m liking AT so much because it’s reminding me of J.Crew, which I started liking as they went through a major style overhaul over the past couple years.  They both even have non-famous style gurus to hold your hand with J.Crew’s “Jenna’s Picks” and Ann Taylor’s “Lisa Loves“.  But I think J.Crew is too expensive sometimes and although Ann Taylor pieces can hover around $90 mark, they can also have great markdowns.

Well, for whatever reasons why I’m Team Taylor these days, I am not alone: Cintra Wilson, the snappy & sarcastic NY Times retail critic, has been impressed by Ann Taylor, too –  and wrote her review last week where she makes comparisons to Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Chloé and Balenciaga!


4 responses

  1. making me rethink ann taylor judging by betsy’s stuff and those cute grey boots. will go check out again (after 3 years) thanks Doanie!!!!

  2. I’m feeling the ruffles and pleats…that’s my thing. I didn’t realize the change in their style either. Then again, I haven’t stepped foot in any women’s clothing store for over 7 months. Looking forward to hit AT’s sales rack post Xmas : )

  3. BTW – the black cardigan on the left looks just like a Moschino sweater I love and was planning to make my own version. I saw a woman at a conference wearing it last year and have been lusting it ever since – I actually stopped her and asked where she got it! If I fail miserably with my attempt, I know I can get it at AT. Thanks again.

  4. Wowzers. Mom and I visited Ann Taylor at South Coast this summer…and we were horrified by the selection. However, it did look like they were clearing out ALL inventory…I am pleasantly surprised by the revamp.

    Plus, I am NOT a fan of J.Crew’s ridiculous FINAL sale, no exchanges, no returns policy.

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