There Can Never Be Too Much Love for NYC

I try not to blog about too many New York City-centric stories but it’s hard to avoid since this is the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD.  A superlative eden on a bazillion accounts.

Here are some cool NYC goodies for you:

1.  A dizzying aerial virtual tour of the city. I literally got air sick flying so close to the skyscrapers.  This is the view that dumb Balloon Boy missed out on.

    aerial virtual tour

2.  Studiokmo on Etsy painstakingly cuts out maps of new york to the point where they become beautiful filigrees of our urban grids.


3.  Stephan Wiltshire, a London-based autistic artist/genius, has the uncanny ability to draw and paint detailed landscapes and cityscapes entirely from memory.  He remembers building designs, number of windows, number of floors… 


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