Mad Men’s Little Mad Fashionisto Boy

from arlo weiner aged

You know I love precocious little kids – and lil’ Arlo Weiner (son of Mad Men genius, Matt Weiner) is one of my favorites. He’s 8 years old (and a half!) and been wearing ties since he was in the 1st grade (most of which are clip-ons.) He always has a solid explanation for his fashion choices like:

“We were playing mini golf but it was right near a real driving range. Plaid is something you always see on the golf course so I thought these pants worked really well. It was hot that day but I thought the jacket was important because it’s the only solid and it brought it all together..

“I always wear a tie to school. I started doing that in first grade. Usually I wear fancy clothes and so if you’re going to wear a suit or a nice jacket like this one, you gotta wear a tie with it.”

From GQ this month and in April (when he was 8, not 8 and a half)

PS. Doesn’t he remind you of Josh Flagg, 1 of those strange real estate agents from Million Dollar Listing reality show?

from arlo weiner golf

from arlo weiner garden

from arlo weiner apple

from arlo weiner playsuit


2 responses

  1. yeah that young boy Josh

  2. Very cute. I can see the next calvin klein in these photos! 🙂

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