5 Cheap & Cheerful Decorating Tips in 1 Photo

cheap bedroom DIY decorating

I just got a fun little bedskirt from the Sferra sample sale yesterday and was about to swap it in when I thought I’d pass on some cheap & cheerful DIY decorating ideas before I toss the old bedskirt.  Of course, I love a formally dressed bed (and have just spent many hours and decorating brain cells in Bloomingdale’s last week working on finishing 3 of my friends’ high-end beds) but for me, personally, I enjoy a pretty but unisex, casual bed with a hodgepodge of textured comfort pieces.

Initially, I wanted to blog about my bedskirt but then I saw potential to talk about other mini-projects adjacent to the bedskirt.

  1. Bedskirt curtain: There are too many boring bedskirts out there so I used cheap curtains and utilized some crafty tucking & folding to create a box-pleat effect.  I chose a textured polyester curtain (about $12) because the stiffness of the material worked well.
  2. Bamboo toothbrush vases: 8 is a lucky number and to hold my lucky bamboo I used 2 ceramic toothbrush holders with 4 holes each (about $2 each). I made sure the plastic plugs on the bottom were watertight by wrapping the plugs with duct tape.  Have to add, the toothbrush holders don’t hold that much water but the streamlined look is worth the frequent waterings!
  3. Electrical tape wall molding: To mimic the wall molding of many pre-war apartments in this city, I used white electrical tape ($6) on my white walls to add a subtle effect (it’s more noticeable in this flash photo).  It adds some heft to my window and balcony doorways which lack decorative frames.  I’ve had the tape up for several months now with no signs of peeling.
  4. Bamboo curtain headboard: Just what it looks like.. a bamboo curtain nailed to the wall sideways ($21).   I should be replacing it with one of those funny inflatable headboards soon, though.
  5. Wall-to-wall bathmat rug: I wanted a large rug (9’x6′) that was soft on the foot and cheap so I bought a giant bathmat and cut the rug to size and rounded the corners (about $80). I recommend adding a rug pad to add some extra cushiness.

For those curious about my bedding: shams are Dwell, sheets are Laytner’s Linens (cream) and Bed Bath & Beyond (grey) and Sferra (white) which I mix-n-match, duvet is misty blue silk/organic cotton by Hotel Collection, herringbone blanket by Thomas O’brien for Target, accent pillow made by me with green/grey velour.


2 responses

  1. what a genius!

  2. The bamboo curtain headboard is brilliant! I’m going to use that idea, and above the bamboo I’ll put some bamboo-inspired wall decals (I get mine from http://www.wallslicks.com). With my soft green walls this is going to look devastating!

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