Flower Bomb Your Town (or Just Go Prune Something)

Flower BombThink of neglected dirt patches near where you live and imagine beautiful blooming wildflowers taking over those eyesores.  Jayson Seed Bombs $9, come as 5 gumball-sized seed bombs that give you the ninja-power to covertly grafitti your environs with pure, plain prettiness (Midwest Wildflowers). I like the idea of this.

For those of us in New York City, we are nearing frosty temps so Midwest Wildflowers will not survive now BUT in the meantime you can work on a similar way to empower yourselves with landscape-beautification superpowers.  Did you know NYC gives people licences to prune our public trees? You just have to take a 12-hour class to become an official Citizen Tree Pruner! There are too many trees and not enough Parks & Rec staff to take care of them so they leave it up to us to chop off the rotting and annoying branches.  This could become my favorite Saturday post-brunch activity – wielding a 2-foot pruning shear up and down my block. I [incorrectly] imagine the animal-shaped shrubs of Edward Scissorhands…


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