2-year old REALLY Channeling Michael Jackson’s Music

This is a little amazing because I’m sure this boy has never been to a Michael Jackson concert but he’d definitely be one of those people swaying and crying while pushed up against the front fence.  It’s amazing how music & art can naturally effect you at a deep, emotional level.

from buzzfeed – btw, someone commented “more like Stevie Wonder” which just made me laugh.


3 responses

  1. OMG ! he made me laugh so hard thinking he’s also doing some kind of meditation or Tai-Chi on chair !!

  2. I think on his previous life he was a MJ’s fan

  3. Now i know why Pepsi won over COKE once when they hired MJ perform his song and flashed the word PEPSI all over places… because his music made peolpe feel good , get hight like this little boy and people related that feeling to PEPSI in a very long time, what a pleasure !!

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