Someone Actually Wearing Those Crazy McQueen Armadillo Shoes

from patrick mcmullen - daphne guinness mcqueen

Alexander McQueen debuted these 10-inch heels on the Paris runway last month and they are.. so crazy.  Of course Daphne Guinness, socialite of the beer family and one of the few actual haute couture buyers, would show up to the Nars 15th anniversary party wearing these.  I sat next to her last time I flew to L.A. and she is pretty darn cool.

Please check out how awesome her hair is from the side (as she’s standing next to Franciose Nars)

daphne guinness franciose nars


2 responses

  1. WOW! Great look. Only Daphne can pull this off. Kudos to her for having the guts (and the money) to do this.

  2. Lady Gaga also wears them in her Bad Romance video. Which isn’t shocking I can see those 2 ladies hanging out 🙂

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