Vicco Turmeric Cream for Acne & Pigmentation, $10

The other day my friend Sasha said I had to blog about her new favorite beauty product, Vicco Turmeric Cream, $10, so I did a little research.  This very common product from India uses turmeric (most recognizable in yellow curries) and is hailed as a cure-all for:

  • Fading hyperpigmentation, freckles & scars, especially on darker skin colors
  • Clearing & preventing acne
  • Natural sunscreen; blocks UV rays
  • Brightens skintone
  • Slows hair growth(!)
  • Mattifies oily skin
  • Moisturizer for very dry skin
  • Calms redness
  • Shrinks pore size

It seems the only cons are the smell (sandalwood) and it contains parabens.  I’m very intrigued and at this price, I must try it myself.



5 responses

  1. my mom is a turmaric’s faithful fan, I will buy this for her ..Thanks D.

  2. Kristen accordino | Reply

    Let me know if you like it. I love new “products”.

  3. Passport to Organics at has a paraban free turmeric cream

  4. Rohini Sanjaykumar Nagare | Reply

    purchase a cream

  5. Rohini Sanjaykumar Nagare | Reply

    i like vico

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