What is Pure Joy & Bliss? That Scene in Ratatouille.

I was thinking about how one accesses pure happiness/bliss/joy/passion in life and I remembered that big scene in the cartoon film, Ratatouille. This is where the scary food critic, Anton Ego, has descended upon the restaurant intending to come away with a devastatingly harsh review – but when he takes 1 bite of the exquisite, yet low-brow, ratatouille dish it transports him to a place of paralyzing comfort and bliss. After that bite, he drops his ‘ego’ and devours the rest of the dish with no pretense and all passion.

I think the lesson is: that joy and passion you seek in life is already inside of you – and sometimes it’s the very wonderfully simple things in life that can drill a tiny hole down into your calloused heart to let it all shine.


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