How to Cure Smelly Vintage Clothing with Vodka

I love vintage clothing but not if it reminds me that it’s actually used and old clothing. If you have a stinky old piece that you need to de-funk, try this proven trick by Janie Bryant, the costume designer for Mad Men:

“All you have to do is mix one part vodka with two parts water in a spray bottle. It works every time—that’s the power of vodka for you.” (via.)

**UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that a few of my friends know & vehemently dislike Janie Bryant and are not happy that I am giving credit to her on my blog. Since I do feel I have to rightfully give her credit for this fabulous vodka trick, I thought I could balance it out with some quotes from people describing her: she is a “cruel, whip-wielding, slave-mastering bitch…” Everyone that worked for her wished she would die a horrible death, as she treated them all like shit”…”She may put on a sweet face and “design” nice costumes, but she is a vapid, manipulative, evil person, who doesn’t deserve a place on your blog.” So, Janie, if you are reading this – please be kind – it’s not good to have enemies sending you such negative energy in response to your actions!


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