I’m Joining Project Consume Less for at Least 1 Month

A friend on Facebook announced he wouldn’t be buying anything new in 2010 – the exceptions were food and living essentials and if he DID buy something new, it’d have to have a charitable component like Toms shoes does. I was surprised at how much I liked this idea– especially since I am a HUGE consumer/shopper and purport to be driven to shop by unstoppable innate ‘instinct’.

So I have just decided I will try out this Project Consume Less for at least 1 month.  Keep in mind I have not put ANY forethought in this, mostly because I’m afraid if I did, I’d run out and shop up a storm in preparation. But a part of me thinks this endeavor has no urgent or desperate qualities. In fact I expect the experience to bring relief, freedom, and at the same time, clear guidelines on when/where to take out my wallet.


And here are the rules so far:

The Concept
– Limit the purchasing of new products for one year

The Purpose
– Take recycling to another level
– Our culture has programmed us to believe that we need to constantly purchase new items in order to remain relevant (.i.e. clothes, shoes, computers, gadgets, jewelry, accessories, etc.). As a result of our buying patterns we create an exorbitant amount of waste. Check out the video “The Story of Stuff” in the video section for details.

Potential Benefits
– Reduce the waste that we put into the world
– Save money
– Reflect on how our consumption impacts the world

A Few Guidelines / Exceptions
– Buying used and borrowing are completely OK. Remember – the purpose is to reduce the production of new stuff.
– Underwear and related products are an exception. No need to buy used.
– Items that run out and are related to personal hygiene are an exception (i.e. toothpaste, shampoo, etc)
– We have also decided to build in an exception to be able to purchase 1 new item per month


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