As Seen On TV: Big Top Cupcake

When I was younger I consumer-naively said if I won $10,000 I would buy every As Seen On TV product so I could find out if the products worked or not (I also said I’d buy a pair of custom-made leather pants but I think I’m over that, too.)

I just saw this commercial on TV for the Big Top Cupcake, $26.90. As you can see, it’s a kit to make a large cupcake that’s 25X the size of a regular cupcake. But.. this giant cupcake can no longer resemble the size of a cup, thereby rendering it to just.. a cake. It’s just a cake, people!

Also today, I’ve seen the hands-free toothpaste tube squeezer, the Touch N Brush, the carpet skating shoes, Fun Slides, and the Bottle Top that snaps on to canned drinks to turn them into screw tops. That’s a lot of new infomercials for today and I attribute it to me being too lazy to change the channel from the George Lopez show.


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