Iceberg Lettuce vs. Romaine Lettuce: Rumormongering

Iceberg lettuce is delicious. It’s crisp, it’s cheap, tastes sweet and has gotten a really bad reputation over the years.  It’s almost like the Romaine Lettuce Confederation has spread a hateful rumor that “Iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value!”

But that’s not true! Iceberg may not have as much Vitamin A as Romaine, but it still has vitamins and protein and fiber and feelings. Why don’t you hop off the hate-wagon and invite Iceberg back into you life again – it’s like an old friend’s homecoming… Besides, I’m sure you can name 5 things you ate (and drank) this weekend that truly were devoid of nutritional value 😉


5 responses

  1. think about cucumber, a better nutrition.

  2. Got sick can’t stand romaine lettuce!

  3. coventional (nonorganic)iceberg lettuce has the highest fluoride of any lettuce. iceberg lettuce is the cheapest lettuce served only in cheap restaurants. and you actually get more tasty lettuce with Romaine, and red leaf lettuce yes they cost more.

    1. your on crack heather. You can eat iceberg lettuce “neat” but romaine needs to be drenched in some kind of dressing in order to choke it down.

  4. This thing you are comparing isn’t representative of nutrition you get from eating either one. This is a label they stamp on industrial products which is designed to scare people of fats and animal anything. Real food isn’t protein + fat + carbohydrates, it’s so much more than that, but those selling you products instead of food don’t care for you to learn difference. Sure, they both have minuscule amounts of fats and protein, and aren’t that rich in carbs either, however, you don’t eat lettuce to get to fats and carbs and proteins. You eat lettuce, and any other leafy greens for micronutrients. And comparing the micronutrient content, one thing lettuce is supposed to provide you with, iceberg comes second even to the sheet of recycled paper. It’s worthless.
    Another thing about micronutrients no one ever tells you about, if balanced properly, you can go for months w/o ever ingesting any of the so called macronutrients, such as proteins, fats and carbs. That’s how juicing works and why juicers have more energy than people on standard american diet who consume large quantities of carbs, one “nutrient” that basically has no other purpose but to give you energy. That’s the problem with iceberg. Proper lettuce can, and will fill you up for good portion of, if not even entire day. If you attempt to eat only iceberg, you’ll be starving in half an hour.
    But sure is tasty tho. Please.

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