Simon Gets Divorce from Tamara on the Real Housewives of Orange County

I guess to blog this, I will have to admit I am friends with Simon Barney on Facebook (Tamra Barney actually deleted me some months ago but that’s just a silly story). Lately his statuses have been pretty sad, morose, reflective and so full of grammatical errors that you just couldn’t even start to make fun of him.  He posted this wedding pic that he photoshopped yesterday and his latest update reads:

“Tonight is a night that will live in darkness for the rest of my life.I feel like a took someone’s life to save mine.The life I took was a marriage that I cherish from deep within my soul.I nurtured and protected this life.I defended it with all my heart.This life’s light would grow dim from all the strife.This life’s …light would flicker and go out.Now it is all dark.I must find my way,till I see the light again.Y.N.”

Damn, Simon – you really are hurting aren’t you? According to the NY Daily News, he filed for divorce from her, claiming she “has been verbally abusive and has committed acts of disloyalty and infidelity.”

“Simon has simply had enough,” a source said – “The show changed her.”


4 responses

  1. isn’t simon the control freak?

    1. I think he is somewhat ‘rigid’ but he is pretty level-headed.

  2. I feel very bad for this family …divorce is not the answer.
    Marriage is for better and for worse. He should rent the film “Fireproof” and read the book, The Love Dare, and do it is all about forgiveness and unconditional love ……God Bless

  3. You don’t have the real picture of their marriage, this one is really creepy

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