Cheap & Cheerful: Aspirin Mask Tutorial

My friend Michelle asked me if I had any face mask recommendations for the New Year. I instantly remembered my favorite home-made miracle worker: the aspirin mask.

This aspirin mask is amazing because aspirin has beta hydroxy acids which is made from salicylic acid. Hydroxy acids work by exfoliating the skin’s surface and removing dead skin cells. Dead skin cells are sloughed away and are replaced by new skin cells.  This process helps out normal skin, oily acne skin as well as matured wrinkly skin. The aspirin also reduces redness and the granules really exfoliate the skin to lovely butteriness. Oh, and it’s damn cheap!

1. put 3 aspirin in your cupped hand

2. add a little bit of water to your hand – however much fits in your hand

3. rub the aspirin together and crush it with your fingertips – they will disintegrate in about 20 seconds

4. Get some honey (or face cleanser or yogurt or aloe vera or something!) and add it to the aspirin.

5. Mix it up and slowly rub it on your face – don’t be too harsh when you rub though!

6. Leave on for 10 to 40 minutes (or just seconds if you’re in a rush.)

7. Rinse off with water.

8. Make sure to moisturize afterwards.

Let me know what you think!..


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