Kid Gets Tattoo of Glasses on His Dumb Face

He seriously did do this to himself.

*Update 1/14/10: This was a viral stunt by Ray Ban glasses. Not sure if the tattoo was faked, though.

from buzzfeed


One response

  1. Bars used to be regulated by something known as the “dram shop laws,” where they couldn’t serve you if you were visibly drunk (I think this still applies in some places) and could be liable if you left drunk, drove and got in a wreck (no longer in effect in most jurisdictions).

    Tattoo parlors should have an equivalent law, where they can be penalized for the stupid mistakes of their customers. Or maybe something more like gun ownership; you have to wait 24 hours before your first tattoo, and 7-10 days before you can get something tattooed on your face.

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