Vita Coco: Madonna’s Ambrosia for $1.5million

Vita Coco is obviously my favorite favorite drink (I can’t live without it! It’s there when I sit at my desk, it’s there when I work out at the gym, it’s there at every restaurant/bar I go to,  it’s there mixed in with my vodka, it’s there the next morning after drinking too much Vita Coco + vodka…)  But as of yesterday, I have proof that I’m not the only Vita Coco cuckoo crazy out there.. I have fellow celebrity comrades now!

According to the New York Post, celebs like Mathew McConaughey, Demi Moore, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis, and… MADONNA have all sunk their hard-earned cash into a drink. Yes, a drink. Although Vita Coco is a fantastic gem of a drink it’s still a drink – it’s not a luxury car, it’s not a hot new club, it’s not a runway fashion brand… These guys think Vita Coco is soooo great that instead of getting paid to endorse the product, they are paying Vita Coco to let them in on the coconut water party! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of such a group of A-listers doing this. If they keep this up, Vita Coco is gonna have more celebs than Proactiv haha.. (but unlike with Vita Coco, they get paid to talk about their zits.)


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  1. See what all the buzz is about. Become a fan at

  2. Yeah I’ve bought Vita Coco boxes from Ralph the superMarket, tasted natural just like they’re from those heavy hard cover green fruits, since I had to struggle to dig a whole to the hard cover to get its juice out then this little box is much more convenient for me.
    BTW do you know there was a Coconut Monk in Asia (about 40 years ago) he lived on the tree houses built on coconut trees and had coconut juice as his main food to stay healthy.

    1. coconut water fanatic | Reply

      those heavy hard cover green fruits are young coconuts…and it’s coconut water that comes from them…not juice. Coconut juice is different, sugar or some sweetener has been added. Vita Coco has 100% pure coconut water!

  3. I love the pic of Barbie Madonna, made me laugh. Seriously though I went to the facebook page and I got a discount on Vita Coco, just for joining! Thanks to Traveller for posting that link. How true though, that celebs are supporting this Vita Coco with their money, and not getting paid to endorse it. Great job Vita Coco making a healthy delicious drink!

  4. I was also a fan of Vita Coco before Madonna invested in it, but now it is even better! Wish soon we have more of this healthy beverage than artificial sodas and vitamin enhanced waters.

  5. Vita Coco is my absolute favorite drink of all time. I too use it everywhere, ranging from the gym to the bar. I’m totally hooked, and buy it in loads. However, it’s worth the cost of cutting out soda and shedding a few pounds in time for bikini season!

  6. This drink has SAVED me!! I lost the weight I wanted to easily in a couple weeks. Not only is it great for losing weight, it’s great post-workout too. I always feel all my energy just come back to me after I drink me some Coco Vita.
    Also, SO good for hangovers. For real.

  7. This drink can be used for so many things. Its so refreshing and is amazing to drink at the gym, in the morning and even when your out at night!

  8. Vita Coco= best drink available on the market.
    It tastes great, is super refreshing, and it’s all natural!!

  9. heyyy i want to know is vita coco only good for people who want to lose weight ? i just brought someee:):) but i dont want to loose weight …
    thankkyouuu 🙂

  10. No way Vita Coco is great for everyone! It has so many good nutrients in it and more electrolytes than Gatorade. I always drink it after working out and it rehydrates me so much better than anything else. It’s a healthy solution to a beverage.

  11. LOVE this drink! I can honestly feel a difference after I drink it, it gives me a burst of lasting energy, now that I’ve tried it I don’t think I can live without it! Nothing makes you feel more hydrated than Vita Coco, and the taste is far better than any other brands I have tried!

  12. This is a fabulous product – I’m using it after the gym as much as possible. Has anyone tried it after a hangover?? I hear it works wonders…

  13. Yes, Kylie! It helps me get over a bad hangover like nothing else, its amazing! I can’t live without Vita Coco.

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