Monopoly Gets a Makeover – I’m still Not Passing Go

Just last week I was reminding someone that Monopoly is, by far, my least favorite board game ever. It’s boring and it never ends. And people get angry at each other.

So Monopoly decided to give itself a makeover for its 75th anniversary and call it Monopoly Revolution, $35. 2 major changes: the board is round and there is no more ‘Monopoly money’ but rather, credit cards with digital money. They should just call it Mathless Monopoly, which actually might sell better.


4 responses

  1. Don’t like the round board at all. It doesn’t feel like monopoly. Last Christmas I got mathless-square monopoly. I was going to regift it to my nephew, but that takes away half the learning experience out of it. Plus I like the “Make it Rain” when I win.

  2. reminds me the russian roulette wheel

  3. i like monopoly but ppl always end up screamin at each other and its just complicated

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