Your 6-Word Memoir

As you can tell, I like brevity. For my blog, I like taking an idea and reducing it to just a couple sentences so you get as much info in as little reading as possible. That’s why I love this idea of the 6-word memoir: too short to bore anyone yet long enough to get a clever synopsis.

Some of my favorites:

  1. Desperately wanted sister. Created imaginary friend.
  2. Shoes perpetually untied. Yet rarely trip.
  3. Lost fiance. Found self. Only eighteen.
  4. I wish sweatpants were considered sexy.
  5. Dad drinks alot. It’s okay.
  6. First date persists now 34 years
  7. She extrovert. Me introvert. Together difficult.

Can you come up with your own 6-word memoir? I’ll have to think a little for mine….


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