Subway Etiquette Signs You Don’t Need in Tokyo

A New York artist took a survey of peoples’ subway pet-peeves and printed up 400 of these fake MTA flyers to paste up around the city’s subway stations. Some of the other ‘rules’ are based on religion, noise pollution, physical contact, hygiene,  garbage disposal (or lack thereof), eating, and subway stair etiquette.

I think this is great! And a little sad. Having just come from Tokyo where, no matter how crowded the subways are, it is very quiet & peaceful and all phones are set to silent so you don’t “annoy your neighbors” (says the intercom lady in her British English accent). The stations and trains are clean and the cushions are extra thick (and heated on chilly days!).  Also, when you enter the ‘turnstyles’ you just have to tap your card (no awkward swiping) and the gates are left open by default unless there is a problem with your card/ticket (sorta like ‘innocent until proven guilty’) which saves time. Plus, I think the Japanese don’t sweat or something because there’s no body odor to complain about. So basically, no, you don’t have to watch out for flying nail clippings.


One response

  1. People keep nail clippers on their keychains! Nail cutting has only happened twice in front of me but it sends me running- the sound and flying bits of crap are just too gross. I thought L train riders would be above this, but alas…

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