Limited Edition GAP Tee’s for The Met Costume Institute

The big Met Costume Ball (you know: crazy fashion, Anna Wintour, gala of the season) is tonight but tomorrow.. the GAP will also debut 8 limited edition tee’s based on the museum collection (because the GAP is cosponsoring the big ball, too.) My friend Jaehee gave a really great behind-the-scenes narrative on her blog because she designed them (with her boss of course.) She shows the inspiration, the sketches, the final product.. it’s pretty fun to see how an old painting can inspire a grey t-shirt. (Lord knows I’m inspired to wear a grey v-neck t-shirt a little too often.) A snippet from her blog….


Below, “The Heiress”, We focus on the corset detail. Then give a little modern twist by switching the boning detail to simple zipper. We made it even longer so you can wear it with you newest Gap leggings!


Here take a look at the photos of Very First mock ups done in back in September, 2009! The work in progress….!


The Bohemian: Raw cut jersey pieces with stitch detail and twisted double layered tee….


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