We Get A New New York Subway Map

New York Times has announced the MTA’s new subway map coming out next week. The changes are bluer waters, olive green parks, shadows under the train lines, and a bloated Manhattan shape (83% wider than our island’s actual width — it’s like Manhattan is looking in a “fat mirror” and we don’t like “fat mirrors”, do we. But that’s besides the point). I liked this graph of Manhattan shapes o’er the years (I added the pink for some spiciness)…


3 responses

  1. The form, it’s an art, depend on the feeling of the drawer

  2. Somhow it’s getting bigger bigger with time

  3. This reminds me the Buddha’s face looks diferrent from countries such as India, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Tibet, Korea, Cambodia, Japan et…and when the women drew his face look juat like a woman’ s with beautiful lips and long eyelashes !!! interesting huh !

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