Something Soothing About Aretha Wearing Same Gown 2 Nights in a Row

Another title for this post could have been: She Liked it So Much She Put a Wig On It

Aretha Franklin wore the same dress she wore to the Tony awards Sunday night to the Apollo Theater Awards Monday night. Something quite ordinary about that and I like it.. even her ubiquitous Chanel bag and standard Manolo shoes make her even that much more ordinary and I-don’t-give-a-dammish.  And you know she’s wearing that dress twice because she had to get that dress custom made for her boobalahs!..

Question: 1 wig or both wigs?

Question: Same necklace, too… omg, maybe she just never changed her clothes from the night before? Party animal Aretha!…


3 responses

  1. For a moment I thought this was a ‘who wore it best’ and I wanted to vote, blast!

  2. I did too , but i said wait they look a like …

  3. maybe she’s just a fat lazy cow and didnt want to put the effort into choosing an outfit. I think this is gross…

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