Save $1,025 – Make Your Own Hermès Cuff Out of Paper

As far as 7 years ago, I can remember always loving the Hermès website and branding. For such a high-brow name, they were always so whimsical and fun. This new offering is no different: print out these plans and with a little glue and scissor work, you can have your own paper version of the $1,025 Collier de Chien cuff bracelet for free! Not sure how many people will actually sit down and make these, but I just love the idea and craftiness.

For the orange scarf print click here

For the blank version click here

For the pixelated plaid click here

For the blue watercolor splatter click here

Ok, so you like the idea of origami-ing your way through the rest of Friday, but don’t want a project as intense as this Hermès cuff (or as impractical)? I enjoyed making this fabulous ruler when we were in a jam at the office one day- Easy, handy and accurate!


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  1. Brilliant! Now I want to see yours.

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