New Building (Almost) Taller Then Empire State Building: “They’re Just Jealous!”

Here’s a pic of the proposed 15 Penn Plaza building – I kinda like it. But of course, its height was not lost on the Empire State Building who complains this building would block their westward views. To quote yucky Angelina in Jersey Shore, season 1: “Um heLLO!” Doesn’t ESB have PLENTY of Manhattan views, north south east AND west, to go around! I’m sure there will be plenty of New Jersey to see if 15 Penn Plaza goes up. Hey you, guy on the 47th floor– just shift your eyes 0.35 degrees to the left or right and you’ll be fine…

I think this whining just shows it’s time for a new tallcan in the fridge that we call.. our skyline.

Ooh I like how this photo matches my new site re-design…


One response

  1. French Paris ‘s been callled ” The City of Lights ” but look at this I think NYC should take over the name

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