Oh. I Just Found Something Grosser then French Manicured Toenails

FAKE french manicured toenails!! I never understand why anyone would would want to highlight/mimic/recreate the part of the nail that should be cut off less you want to look like a taloned reptile. And the mere idea of glue-on toenails in general — there are SO MANY different shapes and sizes of toes and toenails.. the odds of these plastic spatulas fitting on yours is quite a long shot. Kiss Everlasting French Toenail, $6.

Here are some quotes from the reviews:

I’ve always been happy with Kiss products but these are a dud because the big-toe toenail is too short. I wear a size 11 shoe, but my toes aren’t out of proportion. Another problem I found is that the nails are flat, whereas my actual toenails curve a bit.”

These look stunning with sandals, peep toe pumps, without hose, barefoot…use them in winter too.


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  1. yeah robot’s feet

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