Exactly How it Feels To Be In/See/Hear Tokyo

Watch this if you’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo— or you have already been and want to revisit those memories.

This simple and raw video is amazing because it shows you EXACTLY how it feels to be in Tokyo. The calmness, the cleanliness, the facemasks, the autovoice in the subway, the music from giant LCD screens in Shinjuku, the crazy chaos of the early morning Tsujuki fish market, the people yelling to hand out stuff at the subway entrances, the gravel underneath your feet at the Meiji Jingu temple, the digital music video madness of Akihabara, the giggling picnics underneath the cherry blossoms…this guy’s camera kit is amazing! (Canon 5D2,EF24mm-F2.8, STEADICAM MERLIN )


One response

  1. A real life !!! I have to eat some sushi now , yum yum !!!

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