Del Posto’s 100 Layer Lasagne or What I Unknowingly Called it: Really Good Lasagna on a Stick

The other night I found myself out among the back kitchen world of Top Chef and their laid back superstars. That included hanging until the a.m. hours in the large basement of Del Posto (the Batali & Bastianich powerhouse who just earned 4 NYtimes stars) while Tom Collichio (of all those Craft restos) and Joe Bastianich (Batali’s restaurant BFF) jam band(ed) with a revolving crew of talented folk rockers who may or may not also work as part of the restaurant’s staff. The bar was self-service but more importantly, so was the snack spread. I think I ate about 6 of these “lasagna on a stick”s. 2 days later I’m still thinking about them.. and how am I going to eat them again?

Turns out it’s very easy. All I need is to make a reservation, walk around the corner to Del Posto, and then..plunk down $125 for the tasting menu. What!

Apparently this 100 Layer LASAGNE al Ragù Bolognese is so adored that NY Mag waxed poetically about it and all of its ceremony. It’s so precious that they sell the old stuff the next day, fried in olive oil, and call it Yesterday’s 100 Layer Lasagne Alla Piastra ($75? What a deal – I’ll take it!) They even serve it room temperature so you can taste the complexities of it (must be in the oven by 1:30pm or else it won’t be cool enough for the dinner crowd) — that’s great because I ate most of mine pretty much sitting-around-cold! Oh why oh why did I not ask for a tupperware filled with the leftovers… Hey guys, ever think about selling it by the pound at Eataly??


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